RedPoint is a training, coaching, and mentoring service provider targeting physical and mental development. 

Our body is the tool we have to meet life's challenges. You must forge and hone it to be what you need to live your extraordinary.

At RedPoint we offer holistic and tailored programs to build your physical capacity and fitness to thrive in whichever environment you perform.

We have self-led general and individualized programs, as well as individual
and small group training, coaching, and mentoring to support you
in your development.

We are here to help you sharpen your edge.


Coaching options

Baseline: General physical and mental program 150$ a month.

Performance: Individual Physical and Mental program with 1 x coaching session a week for $300 a month.

Optimal: Individual physical and mental program with 2 x coaching sessions a week for $450 a month.

All face-to-face sessions are done at our training facility, no entry charges or sign-up fees. All programs are done through the Final Surge online app which provides analytics of your performance free of charge.



This program is for anyone seeking to build a general fitness foundation in preparation for further specific training down the track.

This program is designed to provide you with holistic functional fitness based on developing the Aerobic Base, Strength Conditioning and Core Stability. It incorporates free weight sessions utilising Olympic bar and weights as well as Kettlebells. The conditioning sessions are designed to build aerobic power and capacity and running sessions are specifically targeting aerobic base development to build that engine.

Strength + Power

This 8 week program is designed to increase your Maximal Strength and improve your power. It includes two max strength sessions a week and one power session as well as two metabolic system development sessions, focusing on VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold development. This program is suitable for athletes who have had at least 2 years of consistent training with a sound strength foundation.


Our 12 week endurance program is designed for athletes looking to run their first marathon or are looking at ultra events.  The program will help you develop your Aerobic Base before improving Lactic Threshold and VO2 Max. This program includes sessions of up to 2hrs in duration. If you are not able to run at least 35 to 40 km a week I recommend that you get in touch for an individualised running program prior to attempting the Endurance.